If you wish to lead a team and have it displayed on this page, send us an email with the team name and member information (including which roles you want to fill). For more information about leading a team or finding team mates, check out the guidelines.

Responsibilities of Team Leaders:

Team Submission Template

Team [Badass Team Name]
John Doe ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Jane Doe ( - Artist

Confirmed Teams

Team German Mystery Machine
Game: German Whale of Mystery
Platform: HTML5/Javascript
Jon Dell Isola ( - Team Lead, Programmer
James Matthews ( - Programmer
Andrew Davis ( - Programmer
Ariel Borochov ( - Programmer
Stephen Baur ( - Artist
Gregory Weaver ( - Music (website)

Game: Pro Sewer Polo
Platform: Unity
Richard Alvarez ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Dan Dwire - Programmer, Artist, Sound
JR Smith - Programmer, Artist

Team One-Two Punch (Working Title)
Game: Exciting Weight Loss Safari
Platform: Unity
Matt Ponton ( - Team Lead, Producer
Alex Grube ( - Programmer
Jay Payne ( - Artist

Team British Cookie Girls
Game: Flamboyant Battle Boy
Platform: Unity
Eric Varela ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Robert Ramsay - Programmer
Sam Gauss - Artist
Avi Jacob - Artist
Abby Boeh - Artist

Team Jelly Jammers
Game: Japanese Police Riders
Platform: HTML5/Javascript
Sam Batista ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Dave Freeman ( - Programmer, Artist, Designer

Team Nice Nice Games
Game: Underground Elevator Syndicate
Platform: Unity
Alex Grube ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Nathaniel Lam ( - Programmer
Avi Jacob ( - Artist
Sammy Hajeer ( - Artist

Team Battle Rave
Game: God of Battle Rave
Platform: Unity
Greg Aring ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Aaron Smith ( - Artist
Christopher “Ryan” Langley ( - Programmer
Jason Tominack ( - Programmer
Jonathan Palmateer ( - Programmer
Brandon Sanders ( - Artist
Drew Swinburne ( - Music

Team Pure Bang
Game: Ultraviolent Demon Summoner
Platform: Unity
Jonathan Moriarty ( - Team Lead, Programmer
Margo Sikes ( - Artist

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