Pro Sewer Polo

by GOTMPodcast

NOTE: Inputs on the web build may not work. Please use standalone build if you’d like to remap the controls.

Welcome, to the 2013 Pro Sewer Polo season! This year, the rivalry between Team Blue and Team Red heats up underground in rivers of human waste. No really, the toxic levels of bacteria in the water heats it up above body temperature. Pick your team, plug your nose, and get ready for a thrill you can only get from being exposed to the runoff from the chemical plant upstream. Just make sure you don't have any open sores.

-Use the right thumbstick to control the right swimmer and the left thumbstick to control the left swimmer.
-WASD + Arrows can be used in place of one controller (Desktop build only)
-Triggers: Shoot & steal the ball
-Bumpers: Turbo boost

Built With Unity3d

- Richard Alvarez: Project Lead, Programmer
- Dan Dwire: Programmer, Art
- Chris Conley: Programmer
- Matt Geiger: Programmer

Comments ( 2 )

Exander Grube said: I like the idea a lot. At first, it's difficult to control the 2 players, but your mind quickly adapts to doing it. I can see there being a pretty big skill gap which makes it great as a competitive game. over 6 years ago
AaronSmith said: I love the concept, wasn't able to really playtest it with a second player, but the concept of dual-controlling characters is awesome. Great job guys! over 6 years ago
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