God of Battle Rave

by Team Battle Rave

Lars Ragarr, God of Battle Rave, Ruler of the Rage Clan and King of the Dance Floor, First of his name, is not to be outpartied. Lars excels at the only two things that matter in the realm of Battle Rave: Battling and Raving. Since the dawn of electronic music, if ravers have raved, Lars has been there to assert his dominance as the ultimate party machine.

Play as Lars and fend off wave-after-wave of puny ravers with a plethora of raver-smashing attacks. Ravers will try to dance and damage the speakers -- don't let them. Collect glowsticks to raise Lars' party prowess. When Lars is fully amped up, activate Party Power and behold Lars' divine devastation. When the dance floor is cleared, swing the party in Lars' favor by unleashing his dizzying array of devastating dance moves. Move to the beat -- change directions with each bass beat to score dance points. Listen for the bass and watch for when the bass speakers are largest to time your movements.

PC Controls: Move and Dance -- WASD Jump -- Space Attack -- Left and Right clicks and a movement direction. Activate Party Power -- Y

XBOX Controls: Move and Dance -- Left Joystick Jump -- A Attack -- X and B and a movement direction. Activate Party Power -- Y

Comments ( 2 )

Richard Alvarez said: There's so much content in here it's astonishing. The music is great, the concept is cool, the production values just feel really high for a month long game jam game. This is extremely impressive. about 7 years ago
Brandon Sanders said: Due to technical difficulties, we've taken the game offline temporarily. We will put it back up as soon as possible. (Our suspicion counter is practically full) about 7 years ago
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