German Whale of Mystery

by German Mystery Machine

You have been tasked to infiltrate the Nazi tower and discover its secrets, the only catch; you are a whale. Hide behind objects and don clever disguises to fool the Nazi's! Get to the top, find the disguises, stop the Nazi's, save the day. All in a day's work for the average mystery whale.

This game was made almost entirely from the ground up, we used Pixi.js for the rendering but pretty much everything else was written from scratch. All of the art and sound were made for the game.

TEAM: Jon Dell Isola, Team Leader, Lead Programmer

Andrew Davis, Lead Programmer

James Matthews, Lead Programmer

Greg Weaver, Sound (website)

Stephen Baur, Art

W,A,S,D to move, space to hide behind flowing objects, aka flags

Can also be played at:

Comments ( 2 )

Richard Alvarez said: "9!" Haha, really nice touch. It's awesome that this was all made from the ground up. I had a few good chuckles at the humor in this game. over 6 years ago
AaronSmith said: This is awesome. I love the humor, I love the aesthetic. Great work! over 6 years ago
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