Underground Elevator Syndicate

by Nice Nice Games

Underground Elevator Syndicate reveals the cruel, difficult business behind elevator operation. As it turns out, all elevators are actually operated by reptilian humanoids (lizard people). The reptilian humanoids control our elevator-related fates every single day on their quest to world domination, but the average human can not be aware of this.

In the game, you play as a low lizard person on the totem pole who must control the elevators in a small building. Serve ignorantly blissful humans quickly and efficient to keep them content with their puny lives and protect the elevators from giant spiders and mole men who are trying to sabotage our operation. The lizard people must continue onward, day by day, and bide their time before the entire world has been corrupted by their power and elevator finesse. They must also keep their boss happy.

Comments ( 4 )

Richard Alvarez said: This is easily my favorite of all the submissions. The gameplay is unique, challenging and addicting. Does it work with touch? I would love some keyboard controls (W/S for left elevator; Up/Down for right elevator). Great, great stuff. over 6 years ago
Exander Grube said: It works with touch, but I do need to make some more adjustments to allow for multitouch to work on Android. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) over 6 years ago
Brandon Sanders said: Man, the upgraded graphics really make it pop. I got my first 'Nice, nice' and felt like a god. over 6 years ago
AaronSmith said: This was fun, I especially liked the voice acting. Love the humor, smart gameplay. I'd like to play it w/ the touch control once just to see how different that feels from using a mouse. over 6 years ago
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