Ultraviolent Demon Summoner

by Pure Bang Games

Ultraviolent Demon Summoner is a rhythm game where the player drags the red control summoning circle around in order to match it up with the blue summoning circles that appear on the screen in order to bring forth terrible demons. This game was made with Unity, and supports web and tablets.

Controls: Click / Touch and Drag the smaller red control symbol (which has an extra red ring around it) to control the red summoning circle.

- Jonathan Moriarty - Team Lead, Programmer
- Margo Sikes - Artist

Alagard font by Hewett Tsoi. Music created with cgMusic.

Special thanks to Ben Walsh and the rest of Pure Bang Games!

Comments ( 3 )

Exander Grube said: Very cool stuff guys. Looking forward to trying it on a phone at the next meeting! about 7 years ago
Richard Alvarez said: This is a really cool unique concept. I got up to 305 but didn't play much more than that. Seems like a great fit for tablets/phones. about 7 years ago
AaronSmith said: I really enjoy this concept. I would love to play this on my iphone. Could be that I'm no good at it but I've only seen one monster summoned. Would be awesome to see more. about 7 years ago
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