Exciting Weight Loss Safari

by Team One-Two Punch

Sometimes going to the gym just doesn't cut it. Doctors telling you that your weight is threatening your life may not feel real enough. Sometimes the best way to lose those extra pounds is to literally put your life in immediate danger by participating in a hunt of the most dangerous game of all: Man. And by participating, we don't mean you will be doing the hunting, you are the hunted.

In Exciting Weight Loss Safari, players must run and jump over lions and hawks while avoiding the tempting, but calorie and sugar filled cakes. Eating cakes will slow down players to a halt, while running into any enemies will provide these ravenous animals with a tasty, hearty meal. See how long you can last in this most dangerous of games.

Comments ( 3 )

Muuurgh said: High score so far is 268... gotta get to 300 >< over 6 years ago
Richard Alvarez said: 520.81 is my high. I'm a sucker for safari stuff. I like the music in this game over 6 years ago
AaronSmith said: I really like the concept of this game, and I think the execution was solid. I really like the graphical player feedback in going from large to small and how that effects things like jumping height. Good job, guys! My high score so far was 437.82. over 6 years ago
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